For the past 20 plus years, the name Visconti is synonymous with writing instruments of extraordinary beauty, historical and technological significance. Visconti is a fine expression of Florentine culture that allows emotions to flow smoothly as ink turns into a script. Headed by Dante Del Vecchio, this Florentine company was established in 1988. Led by his passion for vintage pens, he is on a constant quest for new expression in the art of writing.

Every Visconti pen tells a story: of art, archaeology, philosophy, mathematics, literature, ancient and contemporary history. All Visconti products are a tribute to human culture. Pens cease to be a simple writing instruments to becoming canvases on which new artistic expressions are painted. Celluloid, the most premium material used in pens, is the main feature of the collections along with alternative materials like ancient ivory, ebonite, lucite; acrylic or high-tech materials like titanium and carbon fiber along with precious metals like gold and silver.

“Much of what we put into a pen is hidden from the eye, but revealed to the soul”, says Mr. Dante as he demystifies his love affair with writing instruments which started more than 20 years back in his 13th century villa in Florence. A hub of zealous activity, the heritage villa bears testimony to the innovation and creativity even today. People from art, archaeology, philosophy and literature meet here to inspire every single Visconti creation.