The Unbound

Émonte is deeply passionate and totally committed to crafting Writing Instruments that can stand the test of time. Every component of our masterpieces plays a vital role in ensuring that each time an Émonte pen touches paper, pure magic and inkspiration follows.

There is a voice of reason behind every component choice that we make. Get an exclusive insight into our decisions and the rationale behind it. Unveil the decision battles we have waged for each critical pen component in our ultimate quest to win the war against our competitors.

Battle of the Barrel

Battle of the Barrel

Brass Vs. Plastic, Cheap Metal, Resin, etc.

The Barrel is the core of a pen that holds the ink , filling mechanism, and writing (nib and feed) assembly.

The barrel inside every Émonte pen is made of Brass which is an alloy of Zinc & Copper while most pen manufacturers use less enduring and corrosive materials like plastic, cheap metal, resin, etc. Brass is a perfect blend of beauty and brawns as it is known for its endurance and corrosion resistance abilities on one hand, and classic look on the other. Also, its excellent plating, polishing and finishing characteristics makes it an ideal choice for being the core of our masterpieces.

Battle of the Nibs

Battle of the Nibs

Stainless Steel & Iridium Vs. Steel

A nib is the part of a pen which comes into contact with the writing surface in order to deposit ink.

While most pen manufacturers use just steel to craft their nibs, Émonte pens are armed with nibs made of Stainless Steel with Iridium, one of the rarest elements found inside the earth’s crust. It is also the second-densest element and the most corrosion-resistant metal in the world. Iridium has silvery-white, platinum-like appearance that gives it an elegant look. Pens with steel nibs have hard tips that rob users of a smooth writing experience. But in Émonte Pens, while the stainless steel provides the sturdiness to the nib, the iridium on the tip provides the flex, thereby ensuring a happy and smooth writing experience – every time.

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